Australasian Housing Researchers Conference, 15-17 February 2017, RMIT University Melbourne

Report by Jessica Porter

The 10th Australasian Housing Researchers Conference was held at RMIT in the Melbourne CBD. It was a great opportunity to meet other researchers and bounce around a few ideas about my proposed research; and to meet Lenka Thompson and Professor Alan Morris.

The keynote speakers were thought-provoking. Dr Richard Ronald’s (Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam) keynote address, Generation Rent, provided an interesting insight into housing in Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom. Dr Dallas Rogers (Senior Lecturer, Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney) and Dr Luci Ellis (Assistant Governor (Economic), Reserve Bank of Australia) keynote address on the second day focussed on housing economics and foreign investment in Australia.

I found the Early Career Researchers Panel (Victoria Cornell – University of Adelaide; Megan Nethercote – RMIT; Kathleen Flanagan – University of Tasmania) to be inspirational. Discussion during the Panel about the future of housing research and the desire to have more engagement with industry caught my attention, as it is a topic that I feel passionately about.

The topics covered throughout the conference included housing quality and design, household structure and choice, housing and ageing, housing supply, housing tenure, housing metrics, homelessness, children’s housing, urban consolidation and gentrification, housing policy and governance and housing affordability.
Attending the conference assisted me in narrowing my research focus, particularly as there were only a couple of presentations made by representatives from Local Government; and very little research presented about housing in non-metropolitan areas of Australia.

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