New publication by Andrew Beer

A paper on place leadership by Andrew Beer and a group of his international colleagues has just been published in the Regional Studies journal. Place leadership is a growing field of research with particular implications for local governments. There may be scope to use vignettes as part of the Local Government and Housing project.

Place leadership and regional economic development: a framework for cross-regional analysis

Andrew Beer, Sarah Ayres (UK), Terry Clower (USA), Fabian Faller (Germany), Alessandro Sancino (UK) and Markku Sotarauta (Finland)

Abstract: This paper examines the leadership of places – cities, regions, communities – in Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom and explores the capacity of vignettes to generate new, theoretical and empirical insights. It uses vignettes to identify the features of place leadership evident in 12 case studies across six nations. The research finds significant commonalities in place leadership with respect to the importance attached to boundary spanning, the role of government officials in responding to the prospect of regional decline or growth and how the nature of the challenge confronting a locality determines the adequacy of the response.

The paper can be found here:

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