ALGA’s election advocacy platform

Following on from the Local Government and Housing project’s research, ALGA now has an advocacy position on housing and homelessness and this is detailed in their recently released election document entitled All politics is local.

ALGA’s 12 Federal Election Initiatives are:

Initiative 1: Repair federal funding to local government

Initiative 2: Realise the productive potential of Australia’s freight routes

Initiative 3: Boost safety on local roads

Initiative 4: Promote equitable access to community services

Initiative 5: Protect communities from the impacts of natural disasters

Initiative 6: Support communities with their climate change response

Initiative 7: Promote healthier communities

Initiative 8: Foster Indigenous well-being and prosperity

Initiative 9: Support communities on their digital transformation journeys

Initiative 10: Strengthen Australia’s circular economy

Initiative 11: Support local government’s current work in addressing affordable housing and homelessness issues

Initiative 12: Address the South Australian road funding anomaly

Notable is Initiative 11 which specifically relates to housing and homelessness and echoes issues being explored by project investigators. These issues are articulated on page 28 of ALGA’s election document:

What is the issue?

The lack of affordable rental properties and affordable home ownership is causing significant social and economic impacts in Australia’s cities and regions.

Why is this important for communities?

Homelessness and housing stress can profoundly affect the mental and physical health of individuals and families, as well as impact on their education and employment opportunities and their ability to participate fully in the community.

Further, ALGA proposes that these issues should be addressed by:

  • Reinstating a national governance model to address affordable housing and homelessness, that includes local government.
  • Acknowledging local government’s role in housing with appropriate funding including for innovative partnership models on housing.

All politics is local can be downloaded here:

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